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Bendy as sans WHY? Edit

I choose Bendy to be sans because

  1. Bendy and sans always smile even when angry
  2. They both move there body in a similar way
  3. they both have black eyes
  4. fandom LOVES them
  5. They where both created (sans is not confirmed though)

Why is bendy wearing a coat? Edit

Ink gets dry when cold or with any liquid (mostly) In the Bendy And The Ink Machine it is shown Bendy is most powerful in a liquefied state.

Backstory Edit

How was he created? Edit

the ink machine (duh)

Relationships Edit

Boris-Papyrus, GLaDOS-Alphys, Slenderman-Gaster, Peter Pepper-Grillby, and Queen Peach-toriel, OH i forgot ink bottles - ketchup

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